5 Hobbies To Make You More Innovative

We all need hobbies to be good in our lives. Whatever activities you choose to turn into your hobbies, you’re still going to benefit from them. Nonetheless, you can pick things that can help you become more innovative. Here are five examples to get you started:

1. Learn to play a musical instrument

Music lessons help you develop all areas of your brains. Playing an instrument is a complex activity, thus having a tremendous potential of improving your cognitive abilities and your memory.


2. Perform visual arts

Painting, sculpting or photography can help you become better at managing the stress in your life. Besides, they are all meant to unleash your creativity and inspire you to create original artwork. Visual arts may lead to a better connectivity between the two hemisphere of your brain, thus making you more innovative.


3. Exercise regularly

There are lots of studies that prove the tight connection between regular exercise and the enhancement of cognitive abilities. If you still see exercise as a chore rather than a hobby, you should try to find an enjoyable form of workout. For instance, you can play basketball, swim, hike or play Ultimate Frisbee, if you feel that hitting the gym is not your cup of tea. All exercise forms are acceptable, as long as you make them part of your daily routine.


4. Start a meditation practice

Meditation is good for you, as it can help you cope better with stress and enhance your creative abilities. Many people believe meditation is something only religious practitioners should do. However, this belief is wrong, as meditation implies rather a shift of focus from the outer world to the inner one, than a religious practice of incantations and chanting. Most self-relaxation techniques can be assimilated to meditation, so you can choose whatever suits you best.


5. Learn a foreign language

There are studies that show learning a foreign language has a direct impact on the development of some brain regions. Even people who start such studies at older ages can enjoy a lot of benefits. Besides, you can always pick the language of a country you’ve always wanted to visit. Learn the basics of its language, build yourself a good vocabulary, and take a trip to your dream destination.


Any of these five activities can make you more innovative, provided that you make them your regular hobbies. Try any of them for at least 30 days, and see how you feel about it.

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