About Us


The Joo Joo, the tackiestĀ and wackiest of blogs that exist on the current interweb day. We like to find the most interesting and strange articles to publish because we know everyone has a little weird in them.

The Joo Joo pride itself for meaning absolutely nothing, the way we see it is that if we want a blog to promote wackiness and tackiness, we cannot have a serious sounding name. So for our audience who wonders what those “Joo Joo” mean it doesn’t mean anything!

It is our passion to write and take pictures, so please be respectful to our craft. We do not promote any type of hate or stand for it. Please do not message us if you happen to find the content you didn’t like and want to lash on someone for it. We work to be respectful and different, but being different sometimes means conflict. We will try to desensitize our content, but we hope to work together with our audience to create a safe space for both our team and the readers.

We believe that in a world where the internet is taking over, there is a lack of genuine content out there. Everyone is a blogger and everyone reports on the same topics. The Joo Joo strays away from this type of practice. You can tell by our name, logo, and content that we make a conscious effort to be different!