An RC Car Tutorial For Building Your Own Remote Control Car

Remote control vehicles have been popular for decades. They were popular long before the age of drones. Even though drones have become the primary focus for people that like to control electronic vehicles, RC cars will always be around. Many people like to wait for the latest vehicles to come out, always trying to anticipate what improvements have occurred. However, you might want to consider building your own remote control vehicle. It is something that is fun to do, and for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one, you can make one of your very own.


Reasons To Make Your Own RC Car

There are a couple of different reasons that you might want to consider doing this. First of all, it’s a lot of fun. Second, it might be a challenge that you would like to try out, perhaps because you have an idea in your mind of an RC vehicle that you would like to own. Regardless of why you do this, it’s actually easy to do with this basic tutorial information. Here are some of the things that you will need, and how this is going to work, so that you can create your own remote control car.

What Will You Need?

There are several things that you were going to need in order to do this. Some of those things include an RF transmitter receiver module, a step down regulator, motor driver, decoder, encoder, and a prototype board X2. You will also need a 12 V DC motor and a 12 V power supply and an optional robot chassis. Once you have all of those things, you are going to need to connect everything together. The encoder will send serial data to the RF transmitter. The RF transmitter will send wireless data to the RF receiver. And finally, the serial data will go from the RF receiver to the decoder so that the vehicle can be controlled.


This brief overview of what you will need to create your own remote control car, and how it will all work together, is enough to help you understand why this might be fun. You will need more detailed information on how to connect everything, and perhaps a tutorial on how each component works, but it’s enough to know that it is possible. If you have been wanting to do this for quite some time, or if you just want to try something new, building your own remote control car based upon this brief tutorial is definitely within the realm of possibilities for people that enjoy a challenge.


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