A Review Of The PlayStation VR Headset

Virtual reality technology has come quite a long way in recent years. It is now being incorporated into some of the more popular gaming consoles including PlayStation. There have been many critics that have said both positive and negative things about this latest one called the PlayStation VR headset. The objective of any virtual-reality product is to try to emulate, at least from the perception of the person wearing the headset, that they are actually in a completely different reality. There have been other headsets such as those that were created by Oculus and HTC, but apparently the one that will work with the PlayStation is actually quite good.


What Will You Need To Use This Headset

If you already have a PlayStation, you are halfway there. The other half of the equation is the PlayStation VR headset. This is going to cost you about $400, or $500 if you get the bundle that contains not only the controllers and the camera, but the PlayStation VR worlds game. There are other things that you can use including the move controllers. These are going to be an additional cost. It will make playing the game much easier, so although it is actually more money that you will have to spend, it will make your experience all the more worthwhile.


Next You Will Need VR Enabled Games

Finally, you are going to need to purchase a few games that are usable in virtual-reality. Batman: Arkham VR was one of the first to come out. This is actually a very unique game because you will be in the realm of Batman and the Joker, something that both children and adults have wanted to be for quite some time. Once you have a game that you can use, and all of the equipment, you will be ready for virtual-reality.

Even though this technology is relatively new, with most of the more advanced headsets coming out in the last couple of years, it is a novelty that is likely to not die off soon. It seems to be one that is here to stay. If you are looking for the most realistic way to experience a video game, you should certainly consider investing in the PlayStation VR headset and one of the many games that you can play using this new technology that is poised to revolutionize everything in the gaming world.

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